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Chicago Prime Meats

Our Products


Every day can be gourmet when you invite Chicago Prime Meats into your home. When you do, there’s no reservations required and no reservations about quality. We can’t guarantee you a table away from the kitchen, but we can guarantee that Chicago Prime Meats only delivers the highest quality Meats, Seafood, Deli and Prepared Foods available.


Featuring over 100 gourmet meats, including Exclusive Chicago Prime Tenders, Filet Mignon, Porterhouse, NY Strip, Rib-eye, Roasts, Veal, Pork, Chicken, Lamb and more Chicago Prime Meats can provide you with a wide selection of the highest meat quality available. In fact, only 2 to 3 percent of all U.S. beef is certified USDA Prime, which is what you’ll find at Chicago Prime. You’ll also find USDA Black Angus Certified Choice and other high quality meats as well. We carefully select all of our meat for the best texture and color and the greatest degree of marbling to ensure the utmost tenderness, juiciness and flavor. We then hand-cut and deliver it fresh to you so you can experience the most exquisite beef available. The same goes for the most exceptional cuts of pork, poultry and other meats that come straight to your kitchen with a guaranteed level of taste that only Chicago Prime Meats can deliver.


From fresh Atlantic Salmon to fresh Alaskan Halibut and Cold Water Lobster Tails Chicago Prime has it all. Our fish supply comes in fresh every morning from our reliable and reputable vendors and it gets inspected by our seafood specialists for freshness and quality. Most of our Finfish comes in as whole and is hand cut by our specialists to your desired specifications. For highest quality and freshness our shell fish is individually inspected right before it is packaged to be delivered to your kitchen.


Chicago Prime provides only the exceptional Boar’s Head products made using only the highest quality ham, turkey, roast beef, chicken and artisan cheeses. All Boar's Head products are made to standards rarely found in the deli business today. When you want the best, Boar’s Head is the name you can trust and Chicago Prime will deliver it straight to your kitchen door.

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